BOTSYS Enterprise Resource Planning And Communication
Experience the big savings in using BOTSYS ERPC™. As the business saying goes any cost saved is an income to the company and more benefits to the employees. Read the benefits below to realize that BOTSYS ERPC™ is an income to the company. BOTSYS ERPC™ is a communication and an integrated enterprise system.

Chat, talk, hear and view co-users and business locations anywhere in the world Company’s website inside BOTSYS ERPC™ User Key Indicator Operating Status (KIOS) upon login Reminders on tasks to accomplish, meetings, documents expiry and renewal Transaction posting to future periods and years Paperless: Attach documents to master, set up & transaction files System Checking and Approval wherever the responsible is.

BOTSYS ERPC™ extremely reduces enterprise requirement on: Supplies, Orientation, Seminar, Meeting, Telephone, Fuel, Transport, Travel, Hotel, Manpower, Opportunity Losses, Repairs & Maintenance, purchase of equipment etc.
- The latest thing
- Technology superiority
- Elegance

Real benefits:
- Reduced business cost
- Instant access to information
- Avoid redundant entry, and reconciliation
- Data integrity, consistency, and timely updates

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Purchase Orders Order Entry General Ledger Taxation
Master And Transaction Files:
PO Settings, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Returns
Master And Transaction Files:
OE Settings, Quotations, Order Entry, Shipments, Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Returns
Master And Transaction Files:
GL Settings, Accounts, Account Class, Account Sub Class, Objects, Source Modules, Budget Accounts, Object Groups, Journal Voucher
Master Files:
Tax Settings, Tax Groups, Global Tax Structures, Tax Authorities
Inventory HR Payroll System Services Fixed Asset
Master Files:
IC Settings, Item Account Set, Item Profile, Warehouse, Item Category, UOM Profile, UOM Group, Item Price List,Bill of Materials, Item Budget, Item Discounts

Transaction Files:
Quick Transfer, Quick Adj. To Ave. Cost, Quick Receipts, Quick Shipments, Quick Shipment Returns, Assembly, Disassembly, Physical Count, Quick Receipt Returns, Inventory Issue To Expense, Inventory Return From Expense, Inv. Adj To Std/User Def. Cost
Master Files:
HR Settings, Job Descriptions, Civil Status, Relationships, Employee Profile, Earnings Profile, Deductions Profile, Accruals Profile, Compensatinos Profile, Salary Templates, Employee Salary, Time Sets, Absent Penalty, Late Penalty, Time Schedules, Time Card, Employee Remit-To/Addresses, Religion

Transaction Files:
Payroll, Retroactive Payroll, HR Bank Payments, HR Cash Payments,HR Bank Payments Reversal, HR Cash Payments Reversal
Master Files:
Global Settings, Logged In Users, Company Profile, System Users, System User Groups, Branch Profile, Accounting Years, Department Profile, Code Sequences, Code Seq. Bindings, Payment Terms, Payment Account Set, Payment Mode, Country And Location, Custom Info Structures, Document Tracking, Approval Groups, Approval Setup, Document Types
Master Files:
FA Settings, Asset Profile, Asset Groups, Asset Account Set, Asset Types, Asset Locations, Asset Sub Locations

Transaction Files:
Acquisition, Depreciation, Transfer, Disposal

Botsys ERPC Sample Folders

Botsys ERPC Sample Folders

Botsys ERPC Shorcut Panel
Treasury Stakeholders/Company Add-Ins
Master Files:
TR Settings, Currency Profile, Currency Rate Type, Bank Profile, Currency Rates, Investors Profile, Transfer Charges, Capital Stock, Stock Classification, Stock Type, Investor Account Set, Investor Remit-To/Addresses, Investor Auto GL, Petty Cash Fund Profile, Letter of Credit/Guarantee

Transction Files:
Bank Balance, Investor Subscription, Investor Bank Collections,Investor Bank Collections Reversal, Bank To Bank Transfer, Check/Transfer In-Transit, Bank Debit Note, Bank Reconciliation, Commit CF Voucher, Investor Apply Doc., Investor Cash Collections, Investor Cash Collections Reversal, Bank To
CF Transfer, CF To CF Transfer, CF Balance, CF To Bank Transfer, CF In-Transit, Bank Credit Note, Misc. Bank Payment, Misc. Bank Payment Reversal, Misc. Cash Payment, Misc. Bank Collections, Misc. Cash Collections,

Misc. Cash Payment Reversal, Misc. Bank Collections Reversal, Misc. Cash Collections Reversal Subscription CN, Subscription DN, Dividends, Dividends DN, Dividends CN, Dividends Apply, Dividends Bank Payments, Dividends Cash Payments
Master Files:
Company/StakeholdersSettings, Stakeholder Account Set, Stakeholder Profile, Stakeholder Remit-To/Addresses, Ship Via, Sales/Purchase Personnel, Interest Profiles, Stakeholder Auto GL, Company Account Set, Company Auto GL, Company Billing Cycles, Company Customer Groups, Company National Accounts

Transaction Files:
Stakeholder Misc. Invoice, Stakeholder Misc. DN, Stakeholder Misc. CN, Bank Payment to Stakeholder, Stakeholders Apply Doc., Cash Payment to Stakeholder,Cash Payment to Stakeholder Reversal, Bank Payment To Stakeholder Reversal, Company Misc. Invoice, Company Misc. CN, Company Misc. DN, Company Bank Collections, Company Bank Collections Reversal, Company Apply Doc., Company Cash Collections, Company Cash Collections Reversal
  • Trading
  • Point of Sale
  • Lending Management
  • Cargo Forwarding
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Vehicles and Equipment Rental
  • Banking
  • Non-Profit Clubs and Organizations
  • Embassy Office
  • Barangay,Municipal,Provincial and NationalGovermennt Office